Beer-Bacon Chipotle 1 bottle
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Oh yes we did! We have combined the major food groups into one savory, smokey, beer bacon delight. This delicious sauce is like no other sauce you have ever tasted. This mild sauce is rated "E" for everyone & taste tested by some of the best culinary experts in the country. We've been told "the BBC is the best bacon sauce in the universe!" We will let you be the judge of that! 


1st place (Chipotle) Chili Pepper Magazine awards 2015(Houston Hot Sauce Festival)

1st place (specialty hot sauce) WOFI award Weekend of Fire

Scovie award winner 2015,


3rd place Chipotle, World Hot Sauce Awards 2015


3rd place Chipotle, NewYork Hot Sauce Expo 2015


1st place Chipotle, 1st place specialty sauce, 2nd place Mild & Foodie Award-Best on a Burger The Hot Pepper Awards 2014, 


1st & 2nd place Chili Pepper Magazine awards 2014 (Houston Hot Sauce Festival), 


2nd place WOFI award 2014 (Jungle Jim's Weekend of Fire)

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Beer-Bacon Chipotle 1 bottle

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