The Ghost Sauce (4 pack)
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4 Times The Fun! 

The Ghost with the most Baby! Fire roasted excellence in a bottle. Fall in love with our ALL NATURAL Ghost Pepper Sauce that can be poured on anything. We take pride in the FLAVOR and add the heat for fun.. ;)


 1ST PLACE! Blue Ribbon Award Winning Hot Sauce @ZestFest MIdwest! 2nd place Screaming MI MI award winner NYC. 3rd place Jungle Jim's Wofi award 2013. 3rd place "Best Ghost Sauce" World Hot Sauce Awards 2014,3rd place extra hot CHili Pepper Magazine award 2014, 3rd place fiery foods challenge winner-Zestfest Texas 2015



  • Item #: The Ghost Sauce (4 pack)

The Ghost Sauce (4 pack)

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